A Image Quality Evaluation Toolbox For MATLIB

MeTriX MuX Visual Quality Assessment Package

The name of the package is MeTriX MuX Visual Quality Assessment Package. The official website does not work (attempt on 08-Sep-2019), and the download link http://foulard.ece.cornell.edu/gaubatz/metrix_mux/metrix_mux_1.1.zip is invaild.
I find a copy that is from a github repository https://github.com/sattarab/image-quality-tools/tree/master/metrix_mux


It can be easily followed at the index.html file. It is very simple, just run the command ">> configure_metrix_mux" in matlab. For "VIF" method there is a bug that need to change a function name from "_m"to "_M".


It is a powerful toolbox that contains implementation of many evaluation algorithms:

'MSE': mean-squared-error         
'PSNR': peak signal-to-noise-ratio        
'SSIM': structural similarity index         
'MSSIM': multi-scale SSIM index         
'VSNR': visual signal-to-noise ratio         
'VIF': visual information fidelity         
'VIFP': pixel-based VIF        
'UQI': universal quality index        
'IFC': information fidelity criterion        
'NQM': noise quality measure         
'WSNR': weighted signal-to-noise ratio
'SNR': signal-to-noise ratio


distorted_ssim_index = metrix_mux( reference_image, distorted_image, 'SSIM') 

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