A Image Quality Evaluation Toolbox For MATLIB

Last Updated on 29th September 2020 by Li-Wen Wang

MeTriX MuX Visual Quality Assessment Package

The name of the package is MeTriX MuX Visual Quality Assessment Package. The official website does not work (attempt on 08-Sep-2019), and the download link http://foulard.ece.cornell.edu/gaubatz/metrix_mux/metrix_mux_1.1.zip is invaild.
I find a copy that is from a github repository https://github.com/sattarab/image-quality-tools/tree/master/metrix_mux


It can be easily followed at the index.html file. It is very simple, just run the command ">> configure_metrix_mux" in matlab. For "VIF" method there is a bug that need to change a function name from "_m"to "_M".


It is a powerful toolbox that contains implementation of many evaluation algorithms:

'MSE': mean-squared-error         
'PSNR': peak signal-to-noise-ratio        
'SSIM': structural similarity index         
'MSSIM': multi-scale SSIM index         
'VSNR': visual signal-to-noise ratio         
'VIF': visual information fidelity         
'VIFP': pixel-based VIF        
'UQI': universal quality index        
'IFC': information fidelity criterion        
'NQM': noise quality measure         
'WSNR': weighted signal-to-noise ratio
'SNR': signal-to-noise ratio


distorted_ssim_index = metrix_mux( reference_image, distorted_image, 'SSIM') 

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