Python Environment and Basics

System Preparation Install NVIDIA 2080Ti (driver + cuda) # if need remove old driver sudo apt-get purge nvidia* sudo apt autoremove #add ppa sudo add-apt-repository ppa:graphics-drivers sudo apt-get update #install…

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Neural Style Transfer via Meta Networks

Outline Introduction Style transfer Content-perceptual loss Style-perceptual loss Example Proposed Method (simple but inspirational) Arbitrary style transfer Meta networks for arbitrary style transfer Experiments Conclusion Slides

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Experiment Control

Prepare the environment of the experiment control Tutorial from Installation To install Sacred at client (t.g. conda environment) pip install sacred pip install numpy pymongo Server: database # 1.…

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Useful tools

Auto notification of modification of a web page Select an area and relax: It will send an email alert when something changes. Just from:

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Sentences in Paper Writing

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Feature Vocabulary: boost the representation power A Feature aggregation strategy is proposed to propagate information from early stags to the later ones. -- (Li, et al. 2019) ‚ÄúRetinking on Multi-Stage…

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