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WordPress使用Markdown书写LaTex公式 参考文献: 环境 WordPress 插件1:WP Githuber MD (By Terry Lin) 插件2:KaTeX (By Thomas Churchman) 用法 使用markdown正常书写blog: ""。 改变源文件""语法结构,把公式独立出来,使用KaTeX进行渲染。 在Python 环境下运行一下代码(使用前请删除代码中的¥)。 之前标准的公式格式 改变为 "katex"插件需要的的格式 代码: import time import re # please delete ¥ def convert(input_name, output_name): try: with open(input_name, 'r', encoding='utf8') as fr, open(output_name, 'w', encoding='utf8') as fw: data =…
How to Schedule a Meeting via Zoom
Step 1: Open "Zoom" software from the Desktop/Start_menu Step 2: Click the “Schedule” at the homepage of Zoom Step 3: Set the basic information of the scheduled meeting Step 4: Copy the invitation link at the homepage of Zoom. Step 5: Paste the link, and send to others An example: