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DANet: Dual Attention Network for Scene Segmentatio
Abstract The paper introduces a position attention module and a channel attention module to capture global dependencies in the spatial and channel dimensions respectively. The proposed DANet adaptively integrates local semantic features using the self-attention mechanism. 摘要 本文引入了位置关注模块和通道关注模块,分别在空间和通道维度上捕捉全局依赖性。 所提出的DANet利用自注意力机制自适应地集成局部语义特征。 Outline Brief Review: attention mechanism, SE net DANet: Dual Attention Network Experiments: visualization and comparison Conclusion 大纲 回顾:注意机制、SENet DANet: 双重关注网络 实验:可视化和对比 结论 Download: https://connectpolyu-my.sharepoint.com/:p:/g/personal/18048204r_connect_polyu_hk/EbgphNjvYP5Psw5gdgDjInQBs761z4x8FYboKXF2arT6kw?e=haTOHI This is an embedded Microsoft Office presentation, powered by Office.